Chimney servicing and repair in Devon

Do you require stove or chimney repair services? Call the experts at Kenwyn Stove & Chimney Company in Torrington today. We cover areas across Devon including North Devon, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and Bideford. 

Keeping you safe in your home

Having your stove installed relies on your chimney being capable of coping with something other than an open fire. You need your chimney to have the correct lining and to ensure that it isn't at risk of chimney fires, poor updraughts and fume leakage. Don't worry though, an integral part of our HETAS registered service is ensuring that your chimney complies with all the latest building regulations and is completely safe.

Thatch and buildings regulations

Craftsmen for even the most complex job

No matter how complex the job may seem, our craftsmen at Kenwyn Stove & Chimney Company will get it right. Your home may have a thatched roof or your chimney may need extensive repairs, with our expertise it's no problem.

HETAS - Chimneys in thatched properties

Creating the perfect look

When you are choosing your beautiful new stove or fireplace, it may not seem that your chimney is important, but it really is. Not only for homes that have something different like a thatched roof, but for every home that has a working chimney. Trust us to repair and re-line your chimney, and you'll be able to relax knowing that the job has been completed to the highest standards by our expert craftsmen.

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chimney made of bricks
Chimney liner for burning wood, gas, oil and coal

If you are looking to buy chimney liner for your chimney, get in touch with our team today. We are also chimney repair specialists. Call us for a free quote. 

"Thank you for the excellent job your team made of my chimney" Penny
Flue lining
If you want to install an open fireplace in Devon, call Kenwyn Stove & Chimney Company, Torrington today.
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